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Make every Tuesday Super Tuesday

Monday, February 4th, 2008

First the “Super Bowl” now “Super Tuesday”–when will this advertising nightmare end?

I thought it had reached its peak, back in the days of “Super Mario”, “Super Sonic”, and “Super Tetris”.  Then came the horrors of “Super-Sized Value Meals” and “Superman Returns”.

I see no reason for such unfounded optimism, let alone the taint of historical revisionism that espouses the present as the pinnacle of achievement.  I hold no illusions about what tomorrow will bring.  It will be a day like any other day.

But wait, what if it isn’t? What if everything is status quo me because I expect it to be?

Maybe I could turn my life around by making every day a “super” day.  I’m going to try it out, but there needs to be a standard to check it against.

Starting tomorrow, every Tuesday will be Super Tuesday. I’ll use the rest of the week as a control for the experiment.

Excuse me while I go play with my Super Ball.

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