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Footprints Killer stumps CSI: NY team

Monday, October 19th, 2009

“No comment.”

That’s all New York Crime Scene Investigation team leader Mac Taylor said about the so-called Footprints Killer, whose latest victim washed up on the shore of a Long Island beach early Monday morning.

While Taylor and his crew refused to comment on the open investigation, Stampworthy located an eyewitnesses to the most recent crime scene.

“I was just walking my dog Jesu on the beach when I came up to a line of yellow tape,” said Mary Stevenson, a Long Island resident.  “I heard about the body that washed up on shore today and I put two and two together, you know?

“There was tape and police officers everywhere, but I could see Detective Taylor and some Spanish lady measuring footprints in the sand,” said Stevenson.  “I recognized them from that reality show about cops.”

The New York Police Department denied any connection between this and a similar case three days ago in which another body was found near a dual and single set of footprints.

“This bothered me,” said Stevenson.  “I saw two sets of prints in the sand.  And further down the beach, there were all these rough patches and only one set of prints.  I bet he carried the victim into the water like in those other cases.”

“There’s got to be something supernatural about this one,” added Stevenson.  “Every other time those guys solve crimes in less than an hour.”

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