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Where in the Studio is Carmen Sandiego?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

“We’re back, and we’ve gone green,” announced Dana Calderwood, the director of the popular educational children’s game show, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” The announcement that the twelve-year-old series has been revamped was delivered to a press conference of shocked reporters earlier today.

“This time we’re going to do it right–we’re going to teach geography to kids along with an environmentally conscious mind set,” said Calderwood. “Carmen’s carbon footprint is completely unacceptable.”

The updated villainess sports a green coat and travels within a narrower geographical scope. “The show all about responsible travel and living within your means,” said the director. Carmen will no longer be taking private jets and boats to remote locations. Instead, she will be confined to a travel radius delineated by the battery life of a fully-charged Segway scooter.

Carmen Sandiego

PBS has revived the show on a temporary basis, but with a drastically reduced budget. “It will be a challenge to do this on a shoe-string budget, but that’s part of environmentalism,” said Calderwood. Questions will now draw exclusively from information included on Google Maps and Wikipedia.

Calderwood says there’s another pragmatic feature aspect of the show: “Anti-American sentiment has spread all over the world. Is there any reason to teach children the location of places they’ll never be able to visit?”

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