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“Eat Me!”…Okay.

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Ingrid Newkirk announced on the Colbert Report that she was donating her body to us carnivores at her death. To which I, Jason Kass, say, “Sign me up.”

I began thinking that this may be a marketing ploy however… Not in a shock sense… but it would turn many of the potential cannibals away from human flesh as I imagine at the time of a natural death, the meat will be stringy and rubbery. But if luck is on our side, she will succumb to death at an early age. One that will keep the meat moderately intact, like say choking on a piece of tofu, drowning, or if chance would have it: getting locked in a meat freezer.

I have been running through the opportunities in my head, and as per Steven Colbert, here are my choice meat selections:

Grind up the rest into the soup of the day.
Bone Ape Tit!

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