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Nintendo announces religous-themed “Wii Pray”

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Video game mogul Nintendo unveiled it’s first game marketed directly to the religious community:  Wii Pray.  “It’s time we recognize the needs of gamers sensitive to silly superstitions,” said C.E.O. Kawabata Shinkuma.  Wii pray, which utilizes the Wii Fit components, measures players’ posture, composure, and devotion during prayer.  The packaging also includes extra Nun-Chucks (TM) for dual game play.

“We’ve been dogmatic about unity here at Nintendo,” said Shinkuma.  “This is a game for Christians, Muslims, Jews, or whatever other mumbo jumbo you believe in.”  Wii Pray comes just one week after  the release of Wisdom Tree’s Sims’ Lord–a fact the Nintendo C.E.O. couldn’t evade.  “Look, our idea was immaculately conceived in the boulder covered caves of Nintendo,” asserted Shinkuma.  “Accept no false idols:  Wii Pray is your video game savior.”

(Tibet:  a pair of young monks solemnly reflect on the emptiness of being as onlookers gawk at their quintuple digit scores.)

Nintendo’s stock has been hit heavily by the Global Finanical Crisis, but Shinkuma has faith that Wii Pray will resurrect his company to their former prestige.  “I just pray it catches on,” he said.

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