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Makers of 28 Days Later birth control company sue Fox over title of movie franchise

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Kithgan, makers of the popular 28 Days Later birth control pill are suing FOX subsidiary Searchlight Pictures over rights to the name “28 Days Later.”  FOX Searchlight Pictures released a popular horror/science fiction film in 2002 under a name which Kithgan claims infringes on it’s copyright secured in 1984.

“It’s our right to chose how our name is used and FOX should respect that choice,” said Kithgan spokeswoman Latoya Wright.  “A bloody barren future is not an image we want associated with Kithgan brand birth control.”  Ms. Wright declined to comment on the details of the suit.

“I wish they quiet being such a pill,” said FOX spokeswoman Jeff Wong.  “They have brand recognition in their corner of the market, we have it in ours.”  He added “They’ve threatened to sue us every month, just like clockwork–they just need to eat a pint or two of Chunky Monkey and calm down.”

As for the timing of the lawsuit, Ms. Wright had this to say:  “We were expecting a check in the mail, but it never came.  At first we thought it was late, but after a couple of weeks we knew something was dreadfully wrong and that we needed to take action.”

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