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To the Stampworthy Masses: We Hear You!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

**Comments pour in daily. Sometimes all at once, which just goes to show the devotion our readers have, following our posts almost as religion. We read all of your comments, and enjoy the witty insight that you share. I figured I would post some of our favorite comments over the last year…

I like guns. I have a Howitzer out back… so this little diddy had to make the top of the list… How could our readers be so in tune with my interests? Magic? Black Magic? or perhaps…. Black powder pistol kits.

black powder pistol kits

jennings firearms inc pistols barrel belgian doubled pistol
counterclockwise, look at it 410 double barrel pistol ,
wishingbone, So 9000 beretta part pistol ,
apostle, So 1914 automatic colt pistol ,
weltschmerz, So 2006 revolver tour velvet ,
familyvolvocaceae, About grip revolver s w

best 40 caliber pistol

kimber pistol price list automatic gun pistol semi 45 colt pistol trailblazer full auto airsoft pistol k2 seth pistol sale cleaning instructions pistol starter

Encouraged by this readers suggestion, I took out 5 loans. While the reader’s selections were less than well informed.. thanks for the tip.

Unsecured debt consolidation loans….

Countrywide home loans. Student loans. Small business loans. Fha loans. Payday loans. Bad credit loans. Personal loans. Mortgage loans. Home loans….

This short story… haiku, wait…. poem? I did find use of your link referring to the “raised pink skin patch on penis”. I thought I was the only one. Let the healing begin.

Old cock or a new one? type

erection got wrestling xcel penis enlargement patch erection large clitoris penis enlargment patch review canada erection get hard in lasting longer longer stay
chinese medicine erection raised pink skin patch on penis erection erection keep lasting longer natural penis patch erection pump vacuum

Who doesn’t like a little cow on pig action? or rooster on sheep for that matter. That link you provided was amazing!

Animal sex mating.

Sex with animal…

Animal sex movies. Animal sex pictures. Sex animal sex. Animal sex pics. Farm animal sex. Animal sex….

Thank you for your support in 2008. You’re the best!

**Links removed because spam-bots suck.
As Bob Barker always said, “Please remember to scan and disinfect your PCs.”

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