Stampworthy provides serious reporting and social commentary on news, politics, science, metaphysics, and just about everything else.  Our program was conceived as a radio podcast, aborted after 8 months and raised in a digital incubator, and grew up into a healthy blog.  The audio portion on Stampworthy is on hiatus until we find better drugs than hiatus.

Stampworthy was founded by a few good men behaving badly:

Jason Kass is a Call Center Support Technician in Central Ohio. He excels at troubleshooting and problem solving, which are usually the same thing. In addition to overusing ellipses… Jay enjoys watching soap operas, collecting stamps, and playing WoW. Huzzah.

R. Rick is a desert ranger in a small town in southern Arizona. He enjoys hiking, aiding illegal immigrants, and writing nasty letters to Highlights Magazine about its imperialist overtones.

Other writers post things here too, although we’re not sure why:

Zombie Apocalypso is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, smothered in Secret Sauce (TM)–primarily because we forgot to ask him to write a bio.

Dook Satin posts truly disgusting updates about his bowels on an hourly basis.  These articles are summarily deleted from our server.  If he ever writes something that shows up on Stampworthy, it’s probably an accident.

Mark Hunter enjoys a successful career exporting skins of endangered species for celebrities.  Famous clients include Pete Burns of Dead or Alive, the “Dude, you got a Dell” guy, the Taco Bell Chihuaha, and the “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” person.  All proceeds go towards throwing endangered animal blood on PETA members’ fake, for a more realistic feel.