We Need More Bailouts

If there is anything that can be said about the bailouts, everyone can agree…that there haven’t been enough. The government should be printing enough money to give everyone 1 million USD. What’s the harm in that? These politicians need to stop thinking like we’re going to run out of ink. PRINT. PRINT. PRINT.

We as a nation are not taking advantage of our greatest asset:  the ability to print money.

Our investors are not happy…We have been running in the red for the past three quarters. I’m afraid that if we don’t receive a bailout, we may have to fire all of our CEOs and halt the bonuses given to our board of directors. That would be unacceptable.  Isn’t this America: the Land of the Free Money?

WE ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL! Too big! You hear that!?

I’m so fired up, I think I’m going to go take a cruise in my yacht.


P.S. Send monies.

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2 Responses to “We Need More Bailouts”

  1. Rick

    Rick Says:

    If you’re going to spam us Mr. Google Money, please learn to use the English language effectively. Even when I’m several cups in the hole, I refuse to take financial advice from a robot that can’t even tell the difference between “their” and “they’re.” Brave New World my ass.

  2. Rick

    Rick Says:

    And I shouldn’t be posting comments when I’ve had more than five magnums of champagne. Yeah, that’s right, we live it up over here. “There” that’s the form I meant, and the form you robot bastards needed.