Another Former Pro Athlete Supports Another Cause

Oft stricken with the syndrome diabetes, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis has taken on the role of the new voice for diabetes. Jerome suffers from type 1 diabetes and hopes that everyone understand the condition. “I want to carry on the role of acknowledgement just like a football. I hope to rush this more than a 1,000 yards this year. No one stops the Bus!”

The American Diabetes Association have been so delighted by the superstar’s new cause, they are lobbying for type 1 diabetes to be changed to type 36 (Jerome’s jersey number.) In a role of mutual respect to the ADA, Jerome Bettis has legally changed his name to Jerome Diabettis. “It is who I am,” states Diabettis. “I am Jerome… and I suffer from type 36 diabetes.”

Jerome has teamed up with local Pittsburgh brewery Iron City for a limited edition “bottle can” with all proceeds going directly to the ADA. “If my fans show the slightest interest as they do for shitty beer, they can show an interest in type 36 awareness.”

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